About us

Guangdong Mizuken Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company jointly invested by Japanese investors, Taiwan investors and Chinese private capital. Before its establishment, the technical backbone of the company worked in Japanese peer enterprises, and the counterpart professional technology research has been more than 10 years. Since its establishment, Shuiyan has been determined to create a professional brand in the mold cleaning industry


Scope of business:

1. Mould waterway cleaning machine

Patent technology of Mizuken mould waterway cleaning machine: The air pressure pulse controller is used to make the compressed air act on the water flow in the form of pulse, which produces a spiral tangential force along the inner wall of the pipeline. The pulse releases high-frequency and high-energy instantaneously in the form of pulse wave, and the momentum is rapidly converted into impulse, which acts on the growth ring of the inner wall of the pipeline in the form of shear force. Because the flushing is dynamic, the pulse can produce alternating pressure difference, which is connected with the external atmospheric pressure. So long as the pressure is lower than the saturation pressure of water, the phenomenon of "cavitation" will occur frequently. Under the action of alternating pressure, the bubbles in the water will burst, resulting in micro jet impact and shock wave shock, forming a high pressure area in or near the inner wall of the pipeline The huge energy generated during the rupture is concentrated in many very small areas, resulting in extremely high stress concentration in many local areas. This kind of jet can form a huge impact on the solid surface and cause local surface damage. The jet and the wave generated by bubble burst act on the solid surface with high speed and high pressure together to denude and remove the scaling The inner wall of the pipe can be cleaned thoroughly.

2. Mould oil circuit cleaning machine

Working principle of mold oil circuit cleaning machine: The working principle of the cleaning part is the same as that of the water cleaning machine, but the cleaning medium is not water, it is a special solvent, pH = 7, colorless, tasteless, non corrosive, and can be reused

3. Customer service

Our service concept - fast, professional, sincere, warm, meticulous, thoughtful. Guangdong water research customer after-sales service department has been committed to providing customers with the best quality, the most stable, the most effective and the fastest service.

Guangdong Mizuken has a perfect service system, its customer service center to provide users with perfect and timely after-sales service. We have a group of excellent professional and technical engineers, they are in line with the principle of customer first, keep promise, through the service hotline and other ways to accept customer service requests. Our customer-oriented service concept has been integrated into the daily operation and training of our sales department, sales department, R & D department and Engineering Department, forming a comprehensive service system. The company adheres to the principle of field oriented, firmly grasp the direction of field demand, and all projects are aimed at meeting the needs of customers. The company's sales department will regularly conduct field analysis, publicity and promotion, exhibition planning, to provide support for the rapid occupation of products. Our sales department and field promotion team will keep in touch with customers on a regular basis to understand customer needs, and timely feed back customers' demand for product performance to relevant departments, so as to ensure that the company's product development and improvement meet the requirements of customers, and also deepen the understanding and trust of customers on the company and products.

Customer service hotline:0769-81888697